Patiently sitting and watching his mother… Photo taken with a Huawei P30 phone… Yes people, throw your DSLR in the trash.

Sailing Markermeer

My daughter is an experienced sailer. A few weeks ago, while sailing in Friesland, she spotted a sailboat for sale. She knows market prices and it took her less than five minutes to make, what she thought, a good deal. And she was right. It needs some minor repairs, a little paint here and there and she has installed an autopilot, but otherwise this boat is nice. Perfect one cylinder diesel, it goes plop-plop-plop.

Location reporting with OsmAnd

Is it possible to report your location from OsmAnd? Instead of using dedicated equipment for navigation such as a Garmin eTrex or something comparable, I use a smartphone. A phone I will have with me anyways, so it saves me bringing another piece of equipment. Also a phone usually has a much better interface than the Garmins, it integrates better with other navigation stuff such as websites where I download tracks or Google KML files that I get via email.

GPS navigation on the bike

Biking long distances means you will need some kind of navigation aid. Paper maps are mostly gone except as a backup measure. Some people use TomTom-like systems specially designed for bikes, but nowadays you don’t need these special tools anymore: your smartphone will do just fine. And it doesn’t have to be the latest 700 euro supersmartphone, personally I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 from 2013 which my kids say is antiquated.

Cowbarn near Khabarovsk

Cow barn near Khabarovsk. Outside -25 degrees Celcius. Inside -5 degrees? I didn’t measure, but it felt very warm.


His street is the race course today. Waiting for the caravane...

Kermis in Utrecht

Kermis in Utrecht. These used to be very busy, but nowadays it is silent. Finished business.

Joue du Loup

Skiing in Joue du Loup / Superdevoluy. Tried to keep up with my kids on their snowboards. Result: nope, impossible to beat them downhill. All I got was a nice injury, have to see a surgeon now…

Abbaye now a hotel

Today it is a hotel, but previously it was the Abbaye des Prémontrés in Pont-à-Mousson near Metz.