Location reporting with OsmAnd

Is it possible to report your location from OsmAnd? Instead of using dedicated equipment for navigation such as a Garmin eTrex or something comparable, I use a smartphone. A phone I will have with me anyways, so it saves me bringing another piece of equipment. Also a phone usually has a much better interface than the Garmins, it integrates better with other navigation stuff such as websites where I download tracks or Google KML files that I get via email.

GPS navigation on the bike

Biking long distances means you will need some kind of navigation aid. Paper maps are mostly gone except as a backup measure. Some people use TomTom-like systems specially designed for bikes, but nowadays you don’t need these special tools anymore: your smartphone will do just fine. And it doesn’t have to be the latest 700 euro supersmartphone, personally I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 from 2013 which my kids say is antiquated.