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21 January 2015

Time for a ride in the bus. I decided to skip a stretch and take the bus to Spassk-Dalny. Very comfortable.

Bus station in Dalnerechensk

Again I could just throw my entire bike somewhere in the bottom belly of the bus, no problem. Halfway Spassk-Dalny the bus stops at a small market next to the road where you can get Coca Cola, coffee, a sandwich.

The sign says вместе вкуснее or tasty together

открыто means open. But when you close the window, is it still open? The answer is Yes, they close it all the time, so knock-knock if you want a sandwich

In Spassk-Dalny I took the hotel opposite the bus station.

This hotel had a special feature. After completion of the building of this hotel they must have realized some plumbing was missing, and now that the hotel was ready they had a small problem. Well not in Russia, no problem here. Just run the plumbing on top of the finished floor, then build a box around the pipes, and … voilá, problem solved. Check the next photo: marvellous engineering.

Ingenious solution

Behind the hotel was a parking and there somebody had parked his Toyota or Kia with a running engine. You see it more often here, they park the car and leave the engine running. Whether that is out of fear for not being able to get it started again from the cold, or whether they just want to have a nice warm interior is unclear to me. I was told some modern cars have an automat, they start and stop automatically regularly, to keep the engine temperature up.