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22 January 2015

Bike ride Spassk-Dalny-Sibirtsevo, 55 kilometers.

In this video I say that the temperature is -10º Celcius, but -10 was where the thermometer readout on my speedometer stopped, it could not indicate anything colder. Actually it was about -20º Celcius, but still quite comfortable.


So far I had only seen two other bikes: one man riding a bike in a suburb of Vladivostok, and a young guy riding a bike in Pereyaslavka. Literally two bikes, nothing more.

Shameless selfie. Last one, I promise

And then, between Spassk-Dalny and Sibirtsevo, I see a bike trail in the snow. You may think it was my own trail because it seems I am looking back, but I am not: I drive on the left-hand side of the road and I look forward. And here is this bike trail. There is another biker!

Pity I never saw this biker in real life. At some point the trail just vanished.

Bike trail! There is another one!

Diesel 35 rubel/liter, that is about one-third of what we pay in The Netherlands